N-ZYME® is a batch of multiple active enzymes derived from live microbes.

While mangroves inhabit in the places where seawater mixes with fresh water, they fulfill an important role of depuration of water quality and maintain the balance of ecosystem with abundant nature.This benefit comes from microbes inhabiting in gregarious zone of mangroves and activity of enzymes produced by them.
N-ZYME® has been commercialized as a product of multiple enzymes accomplished through research and development with use of nature of microbe enzymes.

Microbes applied to N-ZYME® and Enzymes produced from them

Microbes used for N-ZYME®

  • Pediococcus
  • Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens
  • Pichia farinosa
  • Dekkera anomala
  • Lactobachillus plantarum
  • Acetobacter aceti

※These microbes are corresponded to World Health Organization (WHO) GENEVA, microbe safety evaluation 1st grade, 2003.
※a result from LC50・LD50(toxicological test) from Japan food analysis incorporated foundation confirmed that N-ZYME® is non poisoning and it’s safe.

Major Enzymes released by Microbes

  • Amylase Amylase is a degrading enzyme contained in pancreatic fluid and buccal secretion. It transforms to glucose, oligosaccharide, maltose, etc. enabling carbohydrate in starch easily suckled inside of the body.
  • Lipase Digestive enzyme resolves lipid. It is included in gastric fluid and pancreatic fluid and it works upon lipid metabolite inside cells of many living organisms.
  • Protease Enzyme resolving protein and producing amino acid. It works upon in such wide sphere as nutrient absorption, disposal and recycling of protein and biological defense, etc.
  • Dehydrogenase It is anhydrase. It functions to dissolve toxic material called acetaldehyde which generates at the time of alcohol decomposition.
  • Xylanase Xylanase dissolves polysaccharide xylonic contained in walls of the plant cells to polysaccharide xylose. Xylose fixes environment in the large intestine and elicits an effect against constipation
  • B Glucanase This is an enzyme which dissolves polysaccharide β-glucan, etc. that glucose sugar bound and tied together. β-glucan is included in kinds of mushrooms and it excites immune system cells.
  • Lactase This is an enzyme which dissolves lactose contained in bovine milk, etc. Lactose is called milk sugar which sharpens bifidobacteria that maintain enteral environment in good condition.

Besides, it contains such a few dozen kinds of active enzymes as catalase, peroxidase, diesterase and etc.

Here are Neat Part of N-ZYME®!

  • Overall effect of multiple active enzymes derived from composition of microbes and relevant coexistent technologies activate enzymes in the body that no one else can emulate.
  • A group of used microbes remained alive in dormant state is contained that provides advantageous effect as probiotics.
  • Since dehydrogenase (anhydrase) dissolves alcohol directly, it suppresses such symptoms as headache, feeling of nausea, hangover, etc. arising from alcohol drinking.
  • N-ZYME® resists gastric acid. It is a batch of valiant enzymes producible among even(7) kinds of useful microbes which were derived from natural mangroves. Mangroves inhabit in an environment where marine water mingles with fresh water ( in the region of variation of acidic and alkaline properties ). Those microbes and enzymes produced from them grown in such a hard environment behave inside the body for over 48 hours.

Great Success in Various Fields beside Health Foods,

  • Agricultural Territory N-ZYME® is used with the aim of amelioration of solution culture, till, fruit cultivation and soil.

  • Fishery Field N-ZYME® is used cultivation of vannamei shrimps and prawns in Kingdom of Thailand --country of prawn and shrimp production.

  • Animal Husbandry Field N-ZYME can be utilized not only as feedstuff for cows, pigs and birds but also hygiene management to improve problems of bad smell in livestock barns as well as disposal of excrement of livestock without giving any negative impact to their health.

  • Environmental Fields N-ZYME is widely used in odor elimination and inhibition of disease causing bacteria, oil degradation, quality improvement of lakes, rivers and reservoirs related to drainage treatment, etc.

Let’s Pour Enzymatic Power into Our Daily Lives !

Enzyme is an indispensable item to humans since it plays an important role in digestion, absorption, transportation, metabolism and egestion of foods as well as moving muscles and engaging our brains.
Vitamins and minerals do not function without enzymes.
However, contemporary humans live under the circumstances of insufficient intake of enzymes due to modern dietary habits, tension, stress and life style as well.
Shortage of enzymes’ intake may generate a harmful effect to human health due to indigestion that will weaken intake of alimentation and corrupt undigested material: thus, unfriendly bacteria may result deterioration of immune strength.
Commercial product of E-YO containing full of enzymes of N-ZYME® will support your everyday life by sending benignant bacteria and enzymes alive to inside of your body. So, find a partner type to suit you !

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