Breakthrough Supplement Multiple Active Enzymes Derive Effect of Sulforaphane

Bio-enzyme+E-YO En+sul

  • Names of Contained MaterialsFlour contained rice fermenting substance (defatted rice bran, rice protein, rice flour and dietary salt ), Flour of broccoli sprout essence (Broccoli sprout essence, dextrin), Starch, Vegetable Oil contained Vitamin E, Edible fat and oil / HPMC, L-Lysine hydrochloride, Corn protein, Vitamin C, L-Methionine, Fine Silica Dioxide, Stearic-acid-included magnesium, Glycerin, Caramel coloring, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6.
  • Interior Content 39.6g [ Max. Weight of One Tablet: 440mg (Weight of interior content per tablet: 350mg) x 90 tablets ]
  • Preservation Method Store it in a cool place avoiding direct daylight and high-temperature and humidity.
  • Nutrient Component Table
    Energy 4.87kcal
    Protein 0.32g
    Fat 0.05g
    Carbohydrate 0.78g
    Sodium Chloride Equivalent 0.01g
  • Caution in Use → Close the lid tightly and store it avoiding direct daylight and high-temperature and humidity. → Keep it in a place where baby and toddler can’t keep their eyes on. → Refrain from taking in the case it disagrees your physical condition and/or body build since it may infrequently occur on an individual basis. → Persons under disease treatment and in pregnancy as well as lactating mothers are recommended to take it after medical consultation. → Handle it in sanitary environment where don’ t get any water leak or contamination. → Persons who have alimentary allergies are recommended to determine taking it after reading names of contained materials. → Persons who have alimentary allergies are recommended to refrain from taking it since it contains soy bean and dairy processed in the same production line. → As there may be some color variation, blobs as well as characteristic smells of the components depending on type of product. However, they don’t affect the product quality at all.