A New Enzyme Supplement Aimed at Answering to Alcohol Ingestion


  • Names of Basic IngredientsDefatted rice bran, rice protein, rice flour, common salt, reduced malt sugar watery candy, vegetable oil contained vitamin E, sorbitol, acidulant, vitamin C, L-pethidine hydrochloride, sweet—tasting substance (aspartame, L-phenylalanine compound, neotame ), aroma chemical, L-methionine, vitamin B1, vitamin B6.
  • Interior Content Weight of contents per one pack : 2g
  • Preservation Method Store them at cold dark place preventing them from direct daylight and high-temperature and humidity.
  • One (1) pack (2g) as per table of nutrient component includes following parts
    Energy 7.72kcal
    Protein 0.19g
    Fat 0.02g
    Carbohydrate 1.69g
    Natrium 3.14mg
  • Note of Caution for Application → Persons who take drugs or see doctors regularly or who are allergic to soybean, rice bran and dairy product as well as who are expecting babies or breast-feeding them are recommended to use the supplement after medical consultation. → Since natural materials are applied, the supplement may show a few difference in color or blobs on surface as well as some smell unique to the components, however, there isn’t anything detrimental to the quality. → Keep it out of baby’s reach.

Serving Idea

Please eat it either right before or after alcohol drinking.
It is recommended to drink a glass of water simultaneously to enhance common sensation.